And here we are, finally ready to click that missile button called “Publish this pattern to Ravelry”

Yes, writing pattern is hard work at the moment, but I really like it. Sharing the knitting and crochet experience is fantastic. I find fascinating the whole idea that someone could use my instruction to make what I made, it’s like crafting together!

You can find the pattern here or onΒ Ravelry.

The video tutorial is here!

IMG_3061mod copy

This shawl is crocheted. It’s called Maestrale, and it’s inspired by the strong wind that blows in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Sardinia. This shawl is a gift, like everything I knit or crochet. It’s a gift for my mother in law and she lives, of course, in Sardinia.

I love the shawl, the color, the construction and the overall effect. I can be casual, wrapped around the neck on a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans.


Or very elegant left open on the shoulders and closed in the front with a nice pin!


I used Scheepjes Whirl in color Green Tea Tipple; it’s a teal blue-green which gradually fades in light grey and then darkens a little bit.

The nice bit of this shawl is the shoulder line. I blocked it following the natural curve of the pattern and adding little spikes on top of each wave. This gives the shawl a very unique look. I like to fold the last bit outward so the spikes can be seen.

IMG_3068mod copy.jpg

This is one of my first pattern. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to write it as clear as possible but I know I could have skipped something or messed up somewhere. Please, feel free to contact me and point me my mistakes so I can fix them. This is a free pattern and I’d like it to be easy for everyone to follow. And, beside, if you know a nice software to make crochet chart, please, let me know! I’ve used Crochet Chart but I’d like to try something more flexible.

Happy crafting, I hope you enjoy as I did!

19 thoughts on “Maestrale

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  3. I have recently started this. could I have some clarrification on the stitches into the top of the turning chain at the edges. do you go into the two loops od the chain or just one or could you go into the Chain space?

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    • Hi! Let’s see if I understand correctly your question first. If it’s just the choice of back loops or front loop, it’s up to you! I’ve put my stitches into the back loop only (never in the ch space) but I don’t think you’ll notice much difference doing otherwise. If it’s a clarification on the edges that you need here’s one: once you have turned your work and chained 4, you put the 2 DC in the bottom chain, the first one of the 4 you chained. When you reach the end, put your TR and 2 DC into the top chain of the CH 4 of your previous round. Don’t go into the ch space, you need to build a little fan on your edges. I hope ii’s clear enough now but If you need more help just let me know. Have fun! πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks for that. At the edges I have been going in to the back loops on the bottom chain four and the back loop of the top of the chain four on the other side. I was just checking if that was right.

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  5. It’s me again. I have gust frogged back rows 38 to 33 as I had 5 stitches too many. The pattern does not indicate how many stitches you should have at the end of the dc rows. I am sure I am adding a stitch at the start/ end of a row but am not sure how. Do you have a stitch count for the dc rows I could have?


    • Hi Jenet! Try to think about it that way: every row you are increasing by 4 sts. You should end up with 119 sts at the end of row 34, so there will be 131 sts at the end of row 37. But don’t worry too much about the stitch count, you can arrange your stitches on row 38 skipping more sts or less sts to build the base for the next pattern repeat. The stitches are very small and the shawl is huge enough nobody is going to notice, believe me πŸ˜‰ Good luck, I hope it helped!


  6. I absolutely love how delicate and feminine this pattern is. I have tried to begin it, and although the pattern is written very clearly I keep messing up! Would you consider making a video of this pattern? Even the first motif would help immensely! I’d love to gift it to my mom for her birthday. Thank you for sharing this with us! -Ambar

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    • Hi Ambar! Thank you very much! I was considering making a small video but I wasn’t sure that could have been really helpful. However, since you asked, I may have to reconsider! I will, ok. The only problem is that I’m not sure when I can do it. I need to set up my camera as there won’t be anyone available to help me filming. Of course I have the same difficulties for a photo tutorial, so I have to organize something soon! I’ll write here and on Instagram when I have news about it, but I promise, I’ll do it. In the meanwhile, let me know if there is any way I can help you. Have fun!


  7. I just found your pattern on Love Crochet, wow what an amazing first pattern. I just ordered the Schjeepes Whirl caramel crush and will most likely use your pattern its beautiful you are a very clever lady πŸ™‚


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  10. I’m loving this beautiful pattern and finding the chart nice and easy, but struggling with the solid rows – I have 115 stitches at the end of row 34 (excluding the ch 4 and the cluster) but my pattern repeat on the rows below is correct.


    • Hi! It seems you have the correct amount of stitches. You should have 119 in total. 115 + ch 4 and the 3 sts in the cluster! Anyway, don’t worry! You can always adjust your count at row 38 where you have to skip stitches. It’s almost impossible to notice if you skipped one more or one less stitch since the yarn is really thin! I hope it helped πŸ™‚


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