Back to work

It’s been a while, but I needed a little bit of time to think about myself and my future as a crochet and knitting designer. I came to some conclusions but I’m determined to go slowly through the process of this “doing something real”. You will know, I hope soon, but I can’t tell exactly when, as I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep.

In the meanwhile I’ve been playing around whit yarns and patterns. I did the last Scheepjes CAL, Hygge, which I loved very much! I also made my own colorway called Arctic Sunrise, but I’ll talk about that in another post.


I made some Skeino patterns. I love using their yarns, and their patterns are so relaxing! Here are some pics of my Miss Grace Scarf, the “baby” version of the Miss Grace Shawl. The scarf is currently on the blocking board, waiting for some nice shots.


In the next weeks I’ll make a yarn review since I’ve now tested a LOT of different brands. And… Yes! There’ll be a pattern release!!! Yuppyyyyy!!! I’m still testing it and (struggling at) making the chart in a form that is clear to follow for everyone. Not easy with crochet project. Knitting charts are easy to make thanks to some nice tools available on the market, but crochet charts are a nightmare! I’m currently using Crochet Charts, but if anyone knows about a good software out there, please, let me know!

So while I’m adding my final touch to this crochet pattern, I’m already planning a new one, this time a knitting pattern. I’ve already selected my yarn, the colors, and I have the construction clear in mind. I’m knitting my swatches at the moment and testing the construction on scrap yarn before knitting the real thing. It’s going to be beautiful… well, at least in my mind it is! We’ll see 😛

Stay tuned for new updates. I’m finally working on my Facebook page, and my Instagram account ( Nimhriel )is always full of the latest news. Enjoy your day and see you soon!

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